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Explore law concepts, legal systems and controversies in our informative Law course. Join our Law course to explore the European Court of Justice, legal systems globally, and how it affects our thoughts and actions. Learn about legal concepts, sources and controversies.Explore law concepts, legal systems and controversies in our informative Law course.

1. Accommodation will consist of single or twin rooms in a college setting

2. The accommodation is located within a mile of the city centre

3. Some locations may have ensuite rooms available

1.Experience the Oxford way of learning through tutorial-style teaching

2.Learn in small interactive seminars with no more than 8 students

3.Complete two pieces of independent work (essays or problem sheets)

4.Receive evaluation and feedback from your tutor in either a 1:1 or 2:1 tutorial

5.Engage in discussions with your tutor and classmates to gain new perspectives

6.Receive a certificate and letter of recommendation upon completion

1. Our program in Cambridge offers a balance between studying and experiencing the city's culture and activities.

2.You'll have opportunities to socialize with like-minded peers and participate in field trips and excursions.

3.Our program offers practical lessons that can't be learned from textbooks alone.



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FROM £5895

Typical duration:


July - August

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Testimonials from our students

The best lesson I have had so far was at the beginning of the course when we studied Game Theory, and when we did presentations in class about shops or platforms that we had to imagine ourselves.

Portrait of a client

The best thing about the Medicine course was the interactivity of the lectures. My tutor was really interested in the subject, so I always felt like I could go up to her and ask her questions, whether they were about what we were learning or about other areas of biotechnology.

Taylor Johnson

The course gave me an insight into how to make arguments in support of or against certain positions which is useful in law and the tutor assisted me in how to structure these arguments. I've enjoyed the company of having a roommate and that you make so many new friends.

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