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Focus on Social Science

Taking a social science summer school course allows you to combine your passion for improving the world with the latest knowledge and insights. By attending a course at one of the top universities, you’ll be mixing with like-minded students wanting to use their career to make a real difference.

Study at a World-Class University

Our social science summer school courses are held in some of the most prestigious schools of learning on the planet. You’ll be taught by some of the best tutors in their field. You’ll also be spending time with highly motivated fellow students, many of whom may become future leaders and experts. 

Careers that your studies may lead to include:

Business Management

International development



International Relations

Find the Right Social Science Course for You

Studying social science explores how people influence, and are influenced by:




Environmental Science

Sociology and Anthropology

And more. Studying any of these subjects will help you make a difference to the world moving forward.

Boost Your Career by Studying Social Science

The world’s top universities are swamped with applications from well-qualified students, keen to get into the most prestigious institutions. By attending a summer school course you’re strengthening your chances of submitting a winning application.

The experience of the course will help you:

Improve your critical thinking skills

Lift your self-confidence

Sharpen your group and independent studying capabilities

Explore top courses

International Relations

Cultures clash and not all countries get along. But could we change all that? Explore what it means to live…


Science, Race, and Society

Scientists operate under the guise of objectivity and neutrality, yet past scientists have utilized their positions of power to disseminate biased findings. Namely, scientists in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries created the concept of race, which has defined the social, political, and cultural landscape of the Western world. In this course, we explore the origins of Homo sapiens and how debates over our origins led some thinkers to consider human populations as multiple different species.


Cambridge History Summer School (Ages 16-18)

In its 800 year existence, Cambridge has welcomed some of the greatest names in the world. Oliver Cromwell, Isaac Newton,…

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