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Focus on Computer Science

Join one of the top computer science summer schools held in one of the world’s top centres of learning. Study alongside and make friends with students from across the world, learn from expert tutors, and experience campus life.

Discover Where Computer Science Can Take You 

A computer science summer course is a great path of entry into learning more about current and emerging digital technologies that the world uses every day. You’ll have the opportunity to:

Explore the ethics of technology.

Understand the impact of the digital revolution

Develop your knowledge of computing and informatics

You’ll be learning alongside some of the sharpest minds of your generation.

It’s the Best Time in History for Computer Science 

The digital revolution has taken the world by storm in the last few decades. Society as we know it has been transformed by new technologies impacting every aspect of our lives. For this reason a career in computer science will give you countless entry points into practically all industries. You can choose a career path that excites and interests you. 

Take Your Pick of Career

Since you can enter practically any industry with an educational background in computer science, you’ll be spoilt for choice for what position you’ll specialise in. These include:

Cyber security analyst

Forensic computer analyst

Games developer

Web developer

And many more.

Have Fun and Prepare for Your Future

A computer science summer school course is not just about developing your computer skills. You’ll also build your confidence making new friends in a new environment. You’ll create lasting memories and connections for years to come.

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