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Focus on Philosophy

Attending a summer school course is known to help improve your chances of getting into the best universities. When you choose a philosophy class you’ll be working with ambitious students from around the world guided by expert tutors. The experience helps you make valuable new friends and gain fresh perspectives on your career.

Go Down The Philosophy Rabbit Hole 

From Plato, to Kant, to Nietzche, philosophers throughout history have undoubtedly changed the way we live our lives today. Great ideas change the world. Summer School philosophy courses include explorations into,




The Philosophy of the Mind 

And many more subfields of mind-expanding expertise. 

Delve Into Life’s Great Philosophical Mysteries 

Philosophy is at the heart of problem solving. Much like the scientific method, ideas are tried, tested, and theorised by great minds inspired to uncover truth. By undertaking a summer school philosophy course you can share you love of unravelling the mysteries of life, the universe, and everything, with others. 

Your Mind is the Most Powerful Tool There Is

With a Summer School philosophy course you can share you love of wisdom with others, including

An expert tutor in a close-knit learning environment

Like-minded students from all over the world

A Meaningful Influence on Your Future Career 

A summer school philosophy course will give you the opportunity to see if further education, such as an undergraduate degree and beyond, is the right fit for you. A philosophy degree can lead into key job opportunities, such as:


Marketing executive

Newspaper journalist

Policy officer

Recruitment consultant

And many more fields because of the flexibility a philosophy degree offers.

Explore top courses

Introduction to Ethics

Who we are depends on the ethical choices we make. What makes our lives meaningful, virtuous, or happy? Is it OK to spend our time enjoying ourselves, or helping our friends and family, instead of helping those who are most in need? When does life begin, and when (if ever) is it morally acceptable to end it?


Stately Homes And Country Gardens (Oxford)

Step back in time and explore art, architecture, and gardens as you analyze the social, political, and economic contexts of…


Happiness and the Meaning of Life

What makes for a good life? Can we make ourselves happier long term, and if so, how? Is a happy life and a meaningful life the same thing, or can they diverge? How have these concepts been understood by philosophers, and what does modern psychology say about all this? This course examines these questions and others, and is aimed at helping students develop their own views on these topics in a more considered, well-informed way.

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