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Explore the career of your choice with a STEM summer school course at one of the best universities


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Focus on STEM

Our STEM summer school courses introduce you to the wealth of opportunities available in science, technology and engineering. The coaching and guidance provided by expert tutors help you investigate subjects that fascinate you, in the company of like-minded students. The experience will help to inform your major career choices.

Prepare for Your Future

There are no jobs more in demand than those in STEM, which stands for:





A STEM education and career requires talent and dedication. STEM summer courses are a great way to put yourself to the test and find out if you have what it takes.

Begin Your STEM Journey

STEM summer courses will provide you with the means to improve your:





And more. This is done through seminars, tutorials, class projects, and independent study, led by an expert tutor.

Some of the Coolest Jobs are in STEM

Simply put, a career in STEM is an exciting and fulfilling one. Some of the best jobs in STEM include:

Naval Architecture And Marine Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Computer Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

And more.

Taste Student Life at a Top University

Our STEM summer school courses give you a strong flavour of the life enjoyed by students in some of the world’s most prestigious universities. 

The learning environment includes:

Working alongside fellow students, often drawn from the top of their class

Teaching from recognised experts

Visits to cultural, historical and scientific centres of excellence

Experience the same campus life, seminars, tutorials and study groups as students who’ve gone on to become world leaders in their chosen professions.

Explore top courses

Introduction to Doing Astrophysics

Where did life come from? What are black holes? How do we know any of this? In this course we take a broad look at how our universe works, covering a range of topics from the sun and our solar system to exoplanets, stars, and cosmology.


Data Science 101

This course will provide a hands-on introduction to statistics and data science. Students will engage with fundamental ideas in inferential and computational thinking. Each week consists of three lectures and two labs, in which students will manipulate real-world data and learn about statistical and computational tools. Topics covered include introductions to data visualization techniques, summary statistics, regression, prediction, sampling variability, statistical testing, inference, and replicability. The objectives of this course are to have students (1) be able to connect data to underlying phenomena and think critically about conclusions drawn from data analysis, and (2) be knowledgeable about how to carry out their own data analysis later. Some statistical background or programming experience is helpful, but not required. The class will start with a brief introduction to R but will move at a relatively fast pace. Freshmen and sophomores interested in data science, computing, and statistics are encouraged to attend.


Genes, Minds, and Culture

Why do people around the world cook with chili peppers, even though humans don't naturally like spiciness? Why can certain populations drink milk into adulthood, while others develop lactose intolerance? Why are the inhabitants of some nations so much more self-oriented than others?

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