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Focus on Psychology

A deeper understanding of human behaviour is just one outcome of studying psychology on a summer school course. It’s also an opportunity to experience campus life at a world-leading university, make valuable new friends with fellow students, and enjoy being taught and challenged by some of the best tutors in the subject.

Endless Interests for You to Explore

The study of the human mind encompasses practically all subjects. What we think, what we feel, and how we interact with the world has been studied and theorised by great minds since the dawn of time. A psychology summer program will show you the wealth of career options that can open up to you with an education in psychology.

Such as,

Clinical psychology

Forensic psychology

Occupational psychology

Social psychology

And more. 

Examine the Mysteries of Human Consciousness

The more you learn within the field of psychology, the more you’ll learn about yourself and others. Why do certain people around the world function the way they do? What new technologies and methods are there to help us understand the minds of humans and animals? What are the great controversies and opposing discourses at the forefront of psychology today?

Now is your time to find out and explore where you fit in.

You Can Make a Difference

A psychology summer program is a great opportunity to find out where you can make a difference in the field. With the help of an expert tutor well versed in psychological research and practice, as well as teaching at top universities in the UK in a tutorial style, you’ll receive guidance for where your future in psychology may lie.

Discover Others Who Share Your Passion

When you take a psychology summer program you not only experience life in one of the best universities, but you also meet like-minded students. Together you participate in seminars, tutorials and projects, helping you to make friends you might keep for life. Then there’s the social side of the summer school, where you have fun as you experience culture in a global city.

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