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Focus on Economics

Make the most of your summer by embarking on an economics summer school course. Get to know your fellow students from all over the world, learn from an experienced industry professional, and enjoy uni campus life in one of the greatest economic capitals of the world. 

Study Economics at One of the World’s Top Universities 

Taking a summer school economics course gives you access to some of the sharpest minds and deepest thinkers in the complex world of modern economics. You’ll come away with experience and insights that set you apart from other university applicants. 

It’s also a great chance to make new friends from diverse backgrounds.

Invest in Yourself This Summer 

Challenge yourself and become more confident, by taking a course at a prestigious centre of academic excellence. An intensive two-week summer school course will give you new experiences and knowledge that will serve you well for life. 

Make friends with students from all over the world

Learn from an industry-experienced tutor

Experience life on campus at one of the very best universities

Gain Advanced Transferable Skills 

An economics summer school course will equip you with skills which will serve you well throughout a wide array of careers. You’ll improve your ability to:

Think critically and logically 

Take abstract information and simplify it

Gain an understanding of economic concepts and principles

And more.

Set a Strong Foundation for Your Career  

By taking just two weeks out of your summer to take part in an accredited and highly regarded economics summer school course, you will open yourself up to many career paths. From:


Policy Making



And more. An education in economics prepares you with a broad understanding of how the world and people work.

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Discover the Economics in Cambridge, learning experience for students aged 13-15 yrs. Immersive residential programme in Cambridge with tutorials, workshops and more.


The Economics of Cities

In this course learn about the theories and concepts of urban economics, and explore the factors that influence the growth and development of cities.



Statistics involves the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. Statistics has gained importance as a…

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