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Focus on Politics

Understanding power, influence and political process are invaluable life skills. At a politics summer school you’ll dig deep into these areas, while enhancing your critical thinking and analytical capabilities. At the same time, you’ll make new friends from across the world, some of whom may well become tomorrow’s leading politicians.

Explore The Leading Issues of Our Time

Under the guidance of a highly qualified tutor you’ll explore political issues at a higher-education level.

You’ll learn about:

Global political issues

International relations

And gain a deeper understanding of the political landscape in different parts of the world.

As well as focusing on developing your personal growth through class assignments.

Take a Big Step Towards Your Future Career

Studying politics at a leading university offers a massive boost to any career path. You’ll discover opportunities you had never previously considered, as you’re exposed to the latest ideas and approaches to political thinking.

These are just some of the careers that politics can open the door for:

Government or public service

Legal research and practice

Lobbying for organizations or causes

Journalism and media relations

Immerse Yourself in New Cultures and Ideas

Taking a politics summer school course involves visiting new places and mixing with new people. Many of your new friends will be drawn from cultures different to your own. From them, and from your expert tutors, you’ll be exposed to new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Benefits include:

Networking with students from all over the world

Experiencing rich cultural diversity

Gaining a greater understanding of political history

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