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Focus on Engineering

Attending an engineering summer school is known to help improve your chances of getting into the best universities. Join ambitious students from around the world and work together, under the guidance of expert tutors. The summer school experience also helps you make valuable new friends.

Optimise Opportunity With An Engineering Summer School Course

When you’re considering a career in the engineering sector, a summer school course helps you to plan your way forward. Because you’re studying in one of the top engineering schools, it also gives you a head start when applying for a place at university. Learn from the best and lay strong foundations for your future.

Explore the Complex World of Engineering

Engineering is about innovation, design, building and implementation. It’s shaping the fabric of our world, from the vast relandscaping of cities through to the near-invisibility of nano-bots. 

An engineering summer school at a world-class university will expose you to exciting new ideas, processes and materials. Study alongside like-minded, enthusiastic students who want to make a difference. 

Study Alongside the Very Best 

A summer school course in engineering at a top university will allow you to:

Learn from experts with a deep understanding of today’s engineering

Meet like-minded students from all over the world who share your passion

Study in the halls of the very best university campuses

Every year thousands of students apply for admission to the very best universities. Those who’ve attended a summer school have a better track record of securing the place that they want.

Visit Incredible Engineering Marvels

As part of your summer school course you’ll get to visit some of the greatest feats of modern, and historic, engineering.

Elegant bridges that carry thousands of people daily

Dramatic buildings that deliver architecture which looks impossible

Massive constructions that serve vast communities every single day

You’ll discover some of the secrets that are allowing today’s engineers to deliver what the previous generation considered to be impossible.

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