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Focus on Business

Explore the exciting world of commerce with a business summer school course. You’ll find out where your passion fits and where it might lead in your career journey, with the help and coaching of leading professionals from a world-class university. Your potential is waiting to be unlocked and this course is one of the keys.

A Business Summer School Gives Skills for Life

Learning about businesses teaches you about people, about risk and about responsibility. Study from some of the leading experts in business education.

Through a business summer school course you’ll acquire knowledge and understanding that can be applied to many areas of life, not just the world of trade. This course, and the coaching it includes, will help you make important choices about your own future.

Learn About Yourself and Your Future

The business summer school experience helps set you up for life.

Discover the benefits of the student lifestyle

Make lifelong friends in a vibrant social environment

Learn from expert tutors

Stay in prestigious academic locations

Add extra shine to your university application. Attending a business summer school helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Give yourself a head start in your business career

By taking a summer school business course, you’re delivering a boost to your hopes of working in the world of business.  

Spending time with expert tutors in business, along with fellow students also interested in business, will help you sharpen your ambitions. The course will deepen your understanding of many aspects of the commercial world, including:

Commercial opportunities, risks and rewards

Creating value for customers, employees and suppliers

Business planning, strategy and tactics

Apply for a Business Summer School Course

Signing up for a summer school business course at a top university puts you several steps ahead of many others of your age. This advantage can help you stand out through your academic years.

Courses have been designed for students of three different age groups:

Ages 13-15

Ages 16-17

Ages 18-24

Each age group has its own programme, designed to suit the experience level of the student.

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