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Focus on Leadership

The world needs effective leaders at all levels and across all areas of life. A leadership summer school course provides a strong foundation for the leaders of tomorrow—the people who will help shape the future. Investing some of your summer in leadership can help you become one of those world-shapers.

Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

The world’s best universities are world-leaders in delivering rigorous academic programs. Their generations of experience and knowledge mean they know how leaders are made and refined.

As you attend a leadership summer school on one of the world’s most prestigious university campuses, you’ll learn:

Vital decision-making skills

How to approach problem solving

Conflict resolution

The best ways to communicate

Some of today’s most influential leaders started out in the same universities you’ll be studying in.

Gain A Global Perspective

Broaden your understanding of leadership by studying alongside international students in an internationally respected university.

Network with other aspiring leaders from around the world

Build your international experience, improving your cross-cultural skills

Learn From Highly Qualified Professionals

As you experience life at a world-leading university, you’ll be learning under tutors drawn from the very best schools. Together with your fellow students you will take part in:

Class debates and projects

Field trips and excursions

Fun social activities

You’ll grow in an environment designed to bring out the best in you.

Explore top courses

Business And Entrepreneurship

Take the steps you need to take your business idea to the next level with our strategic Business and Entrepreneurship…


Games, Competition, and Play

Dreamed up in the heat of the Cold War, game theory has encouraged generations of strategists in politics, law, the military, and academia to see conflicts as games with rules, players, choices, and payoffs. But game-theoretical situations hardly resemble the competitions people conside “games” in their everyday lives. During this course we study and develop social theory based on how people play games outside of behavior labs and thought experiments. We question what causes people to join games and how games keep players engaged. We study how people devise strategies and when they deploy them. The readings pay special attention to playfulness and come from a variety of social science disciplines. What is the relationship between play and competition? How would explicit consideration of play affect how we model the behavior of competitive communities?


Beginning Voice

Beginning Voice (zero-unit option). Complete Registration Form . May be repeated 5 times. Zero unit enrollment option available with instructor permission. See Website for Policy and Procedure . By enrolling in this course you are giving consent for the video and audio recording and distribution of your image and performance for use by any entity at Stanford University.

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