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October 27, 2023
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Cress Warnell

Summer is a time for exploring, having fun and learning. It’s a time for enriching your life with new experiences, including extending your education. A great way to do this is by taking a Summer Schools course in London. 

These summer courses can help you learn about a new subject, improve your English, meet interesting new people and get practical experience in a new field.

If you’re excited about wanting to make the most of yourself and keen to make your summer a time of personal growth, these courses are the perfect answer. They blend fun with learning, giving time to digging into a subject while exploring many of the cultural and heritage sites for which London is famous.

There’s a huge variety of courses available, from engineering and computer science through to business and entrepreneurship, and literature and music.

With so many summer schools and courses to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. From our wide experience, here are some of the best we’ve worked with.

King’s College London

King’s College is one of the top universities in the world. It’s also one of England’s oldest and most prestigious places of learning. Alumni and associated institutions include over a dozen Nobel prize winners.

King’s College offers a pre-university summer school for two or three weeks, depending on the sessions chosen. It’s designed for students looking to decide which subjects to study at university. 

You may be able to experience staying in a King’s hall of residence, giving you a stronger flavour of undergraduate life in London. 

The teaching style at the summer school is a mix of lectures and seminars, which can include discussion groups, simulation games, role-plays and interactive sessions with guest speakers. 

Having attended all the sessions in a summer school course you’ll receive a King’s Participant Record of Achievement. You’ll also have the opportunity for feedback from tutors about your performance, including advice on how you can improve. 

You’ll also receive a King’s certificate of attendance once you’ve completed the course and its assignments.

Oxford Summer Courses

The London-based programmes from Oxford Summer Courses are designed for learners aged 16-17. The two-week courses blend education with exciting trips to iconic locations in London.

Accommodation, in a university hall of residence, is conveniently close to many of the city’s attractions, landmarks and shopping centres. The course includes a formal three-course dinner in a London restaurant, giving you time to socialise and celebrate with your fellow students.

The programmes available from the London campus of Oxford Summer Courses include Economics and Finance, Medicine, Marketing and Media, and Artificial Intelligence.

Oxford Summer Courses also run programmes in the university cities of Oxford and Cambridge, for students aged from 9 through to 24. 

Oxford Royale Academy

Immerse yourself in the academic atmosphere of Imperial College London, one of the world’s leading universities. That’s what’s on offer from Oxford Royale Academy, provider of popular summer school programmes.

The courses are open to students aged 16 to 18 and are designed to help experience the richness of student life in London. This can help you make important decisions about which university you’re applying to, which undergraduate degree to study, and what direction your career might take.

The programmes available from Oxford Royale Academy in London include Architecture Summer School, Law and Politics, Engineering and Technology, and Curing the Future: Medicine and Disease.

Each course is two weeks long and is usually run three times over the summer months. They’re taught by world-class tutors, supported by guest speakers, in a mix of interactive workshops and lectures. All this takes place in the inspirational setting of Imperial College London.

How to choose the best summer school in London

With so many summer education programmes to choose from in London, how can you be sure which one will give you the best experience?

Before you start exploring what’s available, make a list of what you’re looking for from a summer school. Things to consider include:

What you’ll learn - do you have a particular subject in mind or are you open to choosing from what’s available from a provider that offers many of the other benefits you’re looking for?

The duration of the course - many are two weeks long, but there are other options.

The location - London’s a big city so you’ll want to know where you’ll be studying and how far this is from other places you want to visit.

Trips and social time - for many, a big part of summer school is having the chance to visit and experience some of the world’s top museums and galleries, along with experiencing London’s vibrant cosmopolitan culture. 

Your budget - it’s important to factor in all the different costs, including travel, spending money and incidental expenses. For many, a summer school is an investment in their future.

As you think about what you want from your time at a London summer school, it will help you to narrow down the providers and courses that will suit you best.

Let Summer Schools help you find the best courses in London

We have huge experience in helping students discover summer courses in and around London. Our teachers and tutors know the importance of these programmes to students, many of whom are thinking seriously about their future education and career.

We work with providers who deliver an outstanding all-round experience. Their teaching methods are highly interactive, designed to help students make the best of their time. There are plenty of opportunities for social activity, because mixing with like-minded learners enriches education. Many students make friendships that last a lifetime.

The cultural benefits of a summer school in London can’t be overstated. It’s home to so many world-class institutions and businesses, which help to form a lively, creative and inspirational environment.

Take a look around the Summer Schools website to explore opportunities in London, and other cities around the world. Let us help you find the best courses for your needs.

Cress Warnell

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