Summer Schools In Cambridge - What You Need to Know

November 27, 2023
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Cress Warnell

The lives of thousands of young people have been changed by one of the summer schools in Cambridge. Their eyes have been opened to new ideas, they've experienced new approaches to teaching and learning, and they've been presented with opportunities they never knew existed.

The summer school experience can transform your outlook on life and thoughts about your future. For the bright, the curious and the open-minded it's an exciting new perspective on education, and how this can shape your career.

We've helped many of those young people to find the right summer course at Cambridge. We've prepared this short guide to help answer the questions we're most often asked about summer schools.

Why choose a summer school at Cambridge?

Cambridge University consistently ranks as one of the world's top institutions for education. It's held this position for hundreds of years. Over that time it's become a diverse community of academics, researchers and entrepreneurs, many of whom are committed to sharing their knowledge.

Summer schools held in the city tap into this wealth of knowledge and experience. While many of the university students are away for their summer break, there are many academics and teachers keen to meet and encourage the next generation of learners - which includes you. Many of the Cambridge summer courses are led by those who, in term time, teach some of the keenest and brightest minds of today's undergraduates.

Learning at Cambridge also means experiencing the rich culture of college life. This can include living and studying in historic buildings with inspirational architecture. Living and learning in a university that's been home to many leaders in our society is intensely stimulating.

What courses are available at summer schools in Cambridge?

There's a huge range of courses open to you at summer schools based in Cambridge. They range from courses in established subjects such as engineering, economics, geography and art, through to cutting-edge areas such as artificial intelligence, climate and sustainability, and neuroscience.

Summer schools offer courses for different age groups, often from 8 upwards, through to those in their 20s.

Some courses are designed to help you explore new subjects. Others are intended to help you make the most of their educational opportunities, by helping you prepare for school exams, or to be ready for life at university. There are also courses to help equip you for your working life, with subjects such as business, marketing and entrepreneurship.

There's something for every learner at the summer schools in Cambridge.

What does a summer school involve?

A summer school brings together a diverse group of young people, often including many from outside the United Kingdom. The group is taught by specialists, many of whom are recognised as world-leading experts in their subject.

The teaching methods include some that are different from those used in schools. It's highly interactive, with a mix of lectures, seminars and tutoring sessions. You are often given assignments or projects to be completed during the days or weeks of the course. Learning how to ask questions, work with others and think critically are all part of the programme.

Many summer schools include the experience of living with your fellow learners, as students do when they are at university. This can include staying in one of the historic colleges that comprise the University of Cambridge, walking the ancient corridors and eating in the grand halls.

Not all the learning takes place in classrooms. Summer schools include cultural education, when you may be taken on trips around the city and beyond. These can include visits to art galleries, museums and famous sites. There may also be opportunities for sports, a formal dinner, and punting on the River Cam.

You'll also be encouraged to enjoy the social side of the summer school. Make new friends, meet people from different countries and cultures, share experiences with others keen to learn about a subject that interests you.

How to choose the right summer school?

With so many courses to select from, how can you be sure of making the right choice?

Start by thinking about what you want from your summer school experience. Do you want to:

  • Explore a subject you're unfamiliar with?
  • Learn more about a subject you love?
  • Get a taste of what university life may be like?
  • Improve your chances of getting into the university of your choice?

Being clear about what you want from a summer school makes it much easier to choose one.

You'll want to take other factors into account, such as the cost, dates, location, accommodation and what social and cultural opportunities are being offered.

What's for certain is that a summer school in Cambridge is an enriching experience that will help you think differently about your future.

The benefits of summer school in Cambridge

When you've taken an active part in a summer school programme, you should be taking away:

  • Deeper knowledge of the subject you studied.
  • Stronger self-confidence.
  • A better understanding of yourself.
  • Insights into what university life is like.

You can add to this that you've made new friends, seen new places and been given new ways of looking at the world we live in.

If you're applying for a place at university, having a summer school on your application shows that you're keen to invest time in developing yourself.

Discover Cambridge with Summer Schools

Many students have come to us to find the summer school programme that's right for them. They're looking for courses that don't just educate, but that also stimulate new ways of thinking and allow hard questions to be asked. They want to learn from the very best, and to prepare themselves for a rewarding future life.

By choosing a summer school in Cambridge you're putting yourself in a world centre for knowledge and research. You can't help absorbing some of the enthusiasm for learning and growth, and that's amplified when you're in the same room as leading experts and like-minded learners. Some of those sitting beside you could become friends that you value for life, or contacts who'll be a trusted part of your future career network.

We offer many courses in Cambridge, and in other leading university cities around the world. Our mission is to connect you with places and programmes offering outstanding opportunities. Take a look around this website to discover just how much we have to offer.

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