The Best Subjects to Study in Summer School

October 24, 2023
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Cress Warnell

When it comes to choosing the best subjects to study in Summer School, there’s a huge range available. 

You can choose between many different subjects and many different locations. A large number of the UK’s top universities offer Summer Schools, each of which gives you a taste of studying a particular subject at a specific institution. 

To help you choose, here’s our quick guide to the most popular, and useful, subjects to experience at Summer School.

Medicine and Health Sciences

When you study to become a doctor or other medical professional, you commit to a long period of intense learning. It takes at least seven years to become a doctor in the UK.

Attending a Summer School course around medicine and health sciences gives you an insight into the depth of work required, should you be accepted onto a full degree course. You’ll get to speak with others considering a similar future, which can broaden your thinking about the opportunities and possibilities of a career in healthcare.

Many of the Summer School courses in medicine and health sciences are introductions and explorations of the subject. You learn about the structure and workings of the human body and mind, and how today’s medical practice and research is helping to find cures for many diseases.

Engineering and Design

We live in a complex world, where new materials, design concepts and digital technologies are reshaping our lives. Today’s designers and engineers are envisioning and constructing the cities and landscapes of the near future.

A Summer School course in the fields of engineering and design propels you deeper into this world. You spend time with those who’ve taught some of today’s leading experts, and you’re in the company of other students who share your excitement for problem solving and experimentation.

Summer School courses in engineering and design range from general introductions to the subject, through to more specific areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics and mechanical engineering.


Understanding how the law works is a solid foundation for almost any career. As are the skills required to work in the legal field: attention to detail, communication, research and analysis.

A Summer School course gives you a flavour of what’s required to study law, along with insights into the life of a legal professional. It helps you determine whether you want to continue studying law, and if so, which areas of the law best suit you.

Many law Summer School courses offer an introduction to the concepts and practice of law, along with its different specialisations, such as criminal law, human rights and commercial law. Some law courses explore the important connections between law and politics.

Business and Entrepreneurship

From pop-up shops to multinational corporations, business touches all of our lives, every day. The process of making, buying and selling has become hugely complex, particularly as digital innovation changes how we do it.

Summer School courses allow you to explore the world of business and entrepreneurship, opening up concepts such as risk, reward and commercial responsibility. They also address leadership, economics and management practice.

If you’re considering a career in business, or thinking of studying some aspect of business at university, a Summer School course provides an excellent grounding in the subject. It can also open your eyes to future trends in business and innovation, which will shape how trade functions in the future.

Arts and English

Communication through art, including the spoken and written word, is vital to the development of the world’s cultures. Whatever path you hope your career might take, communication skills are vital to your success.

Summer School courses in arts and English blend practical learning with exposure to some of the best demonstrations of human creativity. Whether it’s music, fine art, photography or writing, there’s a course based around that subject. 

The Summer School course that you choose also helps you discover what it’s like to pursue a degree and a career based around that particular subject. By meeting others with a similar interest, you’ll enjoy creative discussions and debates, as you share assignments and learn together. 

Learn about yourself at a summer school

When deciding what are the best subjects to study in Summer School, start by thinking about why you’re registering for a particular course.

You’re likely to be drawn to a subject that naturally appeals to you. If you love the arts at school, you’ll begin by considering Summer School courses that take you deeper into the arts.

Before you do, take a moment to think about what else you can learn from Summer School. The experience can teach you about:

  • University styles of teaching and learning.
  • Life as a full-time student on a university campus.
  • Living in another country and culture (if you’re an international student).
  • Meeting like-minded people from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Your own self-confidence and independence.

When you attend a Summer School course, you’ll learn a lot more about yourself than you expect.

Other factors to consider when choosing a summer school

Selecting the subject to study is hugely important. However, there are other practical issues you should consider as you make your choice. 

  • Location: convenience vs how keen you are to visit there.
  • Timing and duration: does the course fit well with your other plans?
  • Course structure: the balance between lectures, practicals and assignments.
  • Accreditation: does the course give you any form of credits?
  • Cost: is the course offering good value for money?
  • Extracurricular activities: trips, experiences and opportunities outside the classroom.

Let summer schools help you choose the best subject

We know that choosing a subject to study at Summer School is an important decision. While the course itself may last just a few weeks, the impact on your life can be huge.

On a Summer School course you’ll learn a lot about yourself, the subject you’ve chosen to study and about the wider world around that subject. You’ll spend a lot of time with specialists and experts, and with fellow students who share your enthusiasm for developing themselves.

We give you the widest possible choice of Summer School subjects, and plenty of information to help you select the course that’s most appropriate.

Let us help you decide on the best subjects to study in Summer School by taking a good look at what we have on offer today. 

Cress Warnell

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