When should you apply to a summer school?

October 24, 2023
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Cress Warnell

Are you considering enrolling in summer school and wondering when the right time to apply would be? 

To successfully secure your spot this summer to your desired summer programme make sure you apply as early as possible and on time in order to increase your chances of getting accepted and to have a variety of options. 

Let’s explore the world of summer schools, providing you with helpful tips on the best time to apply.

Apply at the right time!

It is crucial to apply for summer school at the right time to ensure a smoother admission process and increase your chances of being accepted into your desired program. Many summer schools have limited spots available, and the sooner you apply the more increased your likelihood of securing a spot. 

Although you could send off your application form and get signed up for your ideal summer school by applying at any point before the deadline, you should aim to apply as early as you can once the programme’s registration has opened.

You’ve got better chances to get accepted!

Applying early for summer school can significantly increase your chances of getting accepted into your desired programme. Why?

  • There may be limited number of available spaces. Summer school programs often have a limited number of available spaces. By applying early, you have a better chance of securing one of those spots before they fill up.
  • The admissions process is competitive. Some summer school programs have a highly competitive admissions process, and so by applying earlier, you can expect to get a head start and stand out from other eligible applicants.
  • You get to choose first! Early applicants are often reviewed and considered before the regular applicants. This means that you may receive a decision earlier, giving you more time to plan and prepare for your summer school experience.

By applying early, you demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to the program. This can make a positive impression on the admissions committee and increase your chances of being accepted.

You get access to more program options!

Applying early also gives you access to a wider range of program options. Here's why:

  • Popular programs fill up quickly. Popular summer school programs tend to fill up quickly even despite the sometimes tough eligibility criteria; the earlier you apply the better your chance of securing a spot in these highly sought-after higher education programs.
  • There’s greater availability of your desired courses. Some summer school programs offer a variety of courses, and certain courses may have limited availability. By applying early you can increase your chances of getting into the specific courses and academic sessions you desire.

Watch out for the summer school application deadline. 

Summer school programs have specific application deadlines that you need to be aware of. It is important to submit your application before these deadlines to ensure that you have a chance to secure a spot in your desired department. 

Early Application Deadline

Many summer school programs offer an early application deadline. This is typically a few months before the regular application deadline. 

If you choose to apply early:

  • Make sure to submit a complete application, including all required documents and any tasks assigned to you, by the early application deadline. Incomplete applications may not be considered until the regular deadline.
  • While applying early may increase your chances of acceptance, some popular programs may fill up quickly. Therefore, it is important to secure your spot by submitting your application as soon as possible.

Regular Application Deadline

The regular application deadline is the final date by which all applications must be submitted. 

  • The regular application deadline is usually clearly stated on the summer school program's website or application materials. Make sure to carefully note the deadline to avoid missing it.
  • Pay attention to the preferred method of application submission. Some programs may require online applications, while others may accept mail or email submissions.

To ensure a smooth application process, it is recommended to follow this form and timeline for submission:

  • Research and gather information: Start researching summer school programs early, ideally at least several months before the regular application deadline. This will give you enough time to compare programs, gather the necessary information, discuss which option is best for you with one of our Summer Schools expert advisors, and make an informed decision.
  • Prepare your application documents: Begin preparing your application materials well in advance. This includes writing essays, obtaining recommendation letters, and gathering any other required documentation.
  • Review and finalise: Take the time to review your application for any errors or omissions - it is a good idea to have someone else also review it before submission.
  • Submit before the deadline: Aim to submit your application a few days before the regular application deadline. This will ensure that any unexpected issues or technical difficulties can be resolved in time.

By following the recommended timeline, you give yourself the best chance of submitting a strong and timely application for your desired summer school.

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