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This immersive English language course at prestigious universities in Oxford or London is ideal for those who want to improve their language skills. With a comprehensive syllabus and engaging activities, students of all levels can enjoy a memorable experience while socializing and practicing their English with their peers.

Full-board accommodation is provided

1.Students choose two university-level subjects per 2 weeks to study at first-year undergraduate university-level

2. Minimum language level: C1 (advanced) required3. Tuition content: University level subject tuition

1. Each week students will have two full day excursions to destinations across the UK

2. An on-site activity programme.



Fees from:

£1,593 per week* early bird price

Typical duration:

up to 4 weeks


from 4 July

Age Range:


A well-established summer school offering an authentic taste of student life in Oxford and Cambridge.

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Testimonials from our students

The best lesson I have had so far was at the beginning of the course when we studied Game Theory, and when we did presentations in class about shops or platforms that we had to imagine ourselves.

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The best thing about the Medicine course was the interactivity of the lectures. My tutor was really interested in the subject, so I always felt like I could go up to her and ask her questions, whether they were about what we were learning or about other areas of biotechnology.

Taylor Johnson

The course gave me an insight into how to make arguments in support of or against certain positions which is useful in law and the tutor assisted me in how to structure these arguments. I've enjoyed the company of having a roommate and that you make so many new friends.

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