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Harvard Summer School is an international programme for ambitious young students who want to expand their knowledge in particular study fields such as law and business. The college programmes for high school students are taught by experts in the field offering a challenging yet rewarding learning experience. Experience college and campus life at Harvard Summer Schools for two weeks this summer and acquire essential life skills for your college application.

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The summer courses at Harvard University offer young students a glimpse into the college experience.

Study in one of the oldest universities in the world.

Over 300+ summer courses to choose from.

Challenge yourself for two weeks in a top-of-the-class academic course.

Gain important life and educational skills for your college application.

Study in a vibrant community of like-minded students and broaden your horizon.

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Harvard Summer School offers over 300+ summer courses for young students. You’ll be taught by expert professors in the field in world-class facilities in one of the oldest universities in the world.

Architecture Courses at Oxford

Throughout our architecture summer school, you’ll learn both the practical skills to design and develop buildings and also the art and science behind the structures. We’ll explore and experiment with contemporary architecture and learn about the history and theory too.

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Art History Courses at Oxford

We'll explore a range of artefacts, drawing on the rich history kept in local museums to enrich your learning experience. We'll cover a range of different periods and places, such as pre and post-war art, Renaissance, Impressionism and Expressionism, including how they've influenced the modern world of art around us.

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Arts and Humanities Courses at Oxford

Come with us on an academic journey as we make connections between subjects such as History, Philosophy and Art. During our arts and humanities summer school, we'll inspire and ignite your passion for these subjects over a 2 or 4 week course.

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Biology at Oxford

Ever wondered how every living creature and plant on the earth got to be so efficient? Discover the remarkable biology of organisms and how they survive on our compelling biology course.

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Business and Entrepreneurship at Oxford

The world of business is ever changing and developing. It can be tough to keep pace with, but for those who do, the opportunities are ample. Discussing concepts such as the developing digital world, sustainability, management and leadership this course will help you learn the ropes of building a robust business from a simple start up through to an established brand.

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Chemistry at Oxford

You’ll work with your tutor on a range of topics within specialisms such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry and mathematics for chemistry. Exploring the areas of the subject you’re most passionate about and enjoying personalised tuition from expert tutors - many of whom have studied or taught at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge - for a first class learning experience.

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Classical Civilisation at Oxford

How did the Greeks and Romans live? What were they fighting over? What does their art symbolise? Discover the answers on our fascinating Classical Civilisation study course.

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Computer Science at Oxford

Our tutors will introduce you to the fundamentals of the subject which could include building confidence in essential programming skills, learning how to run feasible tests and how to speak the different languages of code.

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Creative Writing at Oxford

Oxford has long been associated with literary pedigree and its iconic writers date back centuries. Walk the same cobbled streets and write under the same canopy of stars that showcased some of the world’s finest novels and poems, learning the methods and structures that help your ideas flow fluently.

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Economics at Oxford

Through our Economics summer course, you’ll discover how societies, governments, businesses and households divide up their resources, how markets work and the probability of business success and failure within a domestic economy.

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Engineering at Oxford

We’ll explore the underlying principles behind the subject and examine the strengths and limitations of a range of engineering problems. From established theory to state of the art materials, we’ll draw on physics and mathematics to help understand how to engineer a better tomorrow.

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English Literature at Oxford

Discover a world of literary wonder on our English Literature study courses. From inspiring poetry and fiction that dates back to medieval times through to contemporary works, you’ll learn the mechanisms and themes that enrich our literature.

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English Literature and Creative Writing at Oxford

Develop your own writing style and voice while learning crucial elements of structure that will help your poetry and prose flow. Study English Literature & Creative Writing and write in one of the finest literary cities, home to some of the most noted writers throughout time – Oscar Wilde, T.S Eliot, Lewis Carroll, and JRR Tolkien.

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Environmental Science at Oxford

Our Environmental Science study course mixes a range of insightful topics from a variety of subjects – biology, chemistry and geoscience. You’ll also discover about the interactions of the physical, chemical and biological components of the environment and the relationships and effects of these components with organisms.

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History at Oxford

From Medieval Times to Ancient Greece, the Cold War to the Industrial Revolution, we’ll take you back boosting your knowledge along the way with easy-to-absorb teaching that mirrors the tutorial style. Actively engage in the history surrounding the city, explore the museum's best kept relics or absorb the wisdom of expert tutors as you extend your career path on this diverse, captivating course.

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International Development at Oxford

Anyone can watch the news and learn about what’s happening in other cities and on other continents. But to truly gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of global context, you must immerse yourself in it fully and connect the dots between a crisis in one country and the ricochet it causes across the world.

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International Relations at Oxford

As an International Relations specialist, you’ll open up your career potential with a wide range of avenues in addition to politics, including economics, social systems and cultural roles in society. Where will a course in International Relations take you?

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Law at Oxford

The perfect pre law summer programs for students interested in pursuing a career in Law, our courses help you to develop the skills needed to become a solicitor or barrister and build a diverse skill set that will help you analyse complex information, write with precision and fluency and construct arguments backed by solid knowledge.

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Leadership at Oxford

Start here, go anywhere. Our Leadership courses teach crucial interpersonal and communication skills that translate to all industries and career paths and everything is taught by established, world-class tutors for an authentic, enriched experience.

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Mathematics at Oxford

Your future in accounting, banking or education begins here. You’ll learn from world-class tutors in small groups and individually for focused, intense study.

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Mechanical Engineering at Oxford

From the products we use in our everyday lives to monitoring equipment on Mars, engineers create and design a wide range of solutions to improve the ways we work, travel, communicate, stay healthy and evolve. 

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Medicine at Oxford

Our medicine summer school will introduce you to the practical study through medical biology and anatomy, challenging you to consider ethical questions about the value of human life and the possibility of human enhancement.

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Philosophy at Oxford

Debate the relationships between everyone and everything from God & evil to political superpowers. Right and wrong, black and white, night and day. Philosophy is none of these things. It sits in the grey area, challenging you to think deeper, ask bigger questions and never settle on being anything less than insatiably curious.

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Physics at Oxford

Why just exist in the Universe when you can experience it with a deep insight and knowledge about everything that surrounds you? Study Physics and understand the significance and impact of our Universe, from where it all began to when it’ll cease to be.

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Explore top courses from this location

The Ramifications of Emancipation in the United States of America

Rather than focusing on triumph of emancipation, the course highlights often-overlooked ramifications & questions about the nature of freedom. Click to learn.


Introduction to Evolutionary Medicine

This course introduces evolutionary medicine, a developing field that applies evolutionary principles to comprehend health & disease. Click for more.


Science, Race, and Society

This Harvard summer course investigates the role of scientists in creating biased notions of race and the impact it had on Western society. Click for more.


Testimonials from our students

The best lesson I have had so far was at the beginning of the course when we studied Game Theory, and when we did presentations in class about shops or platforms that we had to imagine ourselves.

Portrait of a client

The best thing about the Medicine course was the interactivity of the lectures. My tutor was really interested in the subject, so I always felt like I could go up to her and ask her questions, whether they were about what we were learning or about other areas of biotechnology.

Taylor Johnson

The course gave me an insight into how to make arguments in support of or against certain positions which is useful in law and the tutor assisted me in how to structure these arguments. I've enjoyed the company of having a roommate and that you make so many new friends.

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